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Analogia Installation by NY Artist Ben Tritt

Transdisciplinary art installation provides exciting visual and audio experiences. On view Feb 28 - Mar 18.

Jodi Kaplan and Ben Tritt

The west side of Bryant Park is currently undergoing a significant transformation, with the addition of a very interesting structure on the Fountain Terrace. When construction of the structure is finished later this week, the project will consist of two towers, measuring fifteen by fifteen feet at the base and rising sixty feet, surrounding a ziggurat frame comprised of bamboo, with a steel and wood base. The frame holds twelve paintings, based on famous sculptural works from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, made using tar, aluminum paint, and mineral spirits on burlap canvases.

It’s Analogia, a large-scale art installation by native New York artist Ben Tritt, who is using 1.5 miles of bamboo, 200 gallons of tar and enamel, 600 yards of burlap, and 30,000 pounds of steel to create the work specifically designed for Bryant Park. Perfectly timed to mark the end of a long, cold winter, Analogia will provide visitors with an exciting visual experience, as the park undergoes its annual transition from winter wonderland to spring greensward.

Mr. Tritt’s transdisciplinary work is the largest free-standing structure of its kind, combining painting, architecture, and sculpture. Additional components, curated by project producer, Jodi Kaplan, include dance, music, and spoken word performances. Special events in conjunction with the installation include an Opening Celebration, March 8, timed to correspond with the Armory Show, and a Closing Celebration, March 16.

Watch the construction of Analogia, to be completed on February 28. It will remain in Bryant Park until March 18, when it will be taken down over a day and a half. For more information on this exciting public art event, visit

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